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Poller is the magical poll bot which allows suggestion be voted or create embed polls with auto expire


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4.0 Update

With this update, many features have been added; You can check them with the `$changelog` command (Which is also added in this version) Also Poller is now a verified bot by discord. Don't forget the Giveaways send in log channel (Don't forget to set up your log channel)

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Poller is an advanced voting discord bot with a lot of features.

  • Annonymous & Public polls
  • Multi-Vote & Single-Vote polls
  • Auto-Ending & Everlasting polls
  • Interactive poll creation, Step-By-Step
  • Fully customizeable
  • Suggestion system with no limit on channels
  • Translation support
  • Unique premium features


You can easily create any poll you want with the interactive and step by step command. To create a just send $poll in any channel.

Related commands:

$help 2
$setup channel polls <channel>

Notes: Supports just one channel and polls in the channel will be managed. The poll type (Annonymous, Public, Single-Vote, Multi-Vote, Everlasting & Auto-Ending) will be asked while following the steps.

Premium Features: Logo support which allow you add a custom logo to polls. Countdown for Auto-Ending polls Transcript votes as it ends for public polls


Many servers are created as a community for a youtuber, streamer, developers and etc... and in a community always suggestions are important. Poller allow servers to have suggestion only channels which members can send their suggestions and others vote for them. Suggestions can be managed with a reaction panel below them or using defined commands.

Related commands:

$help 1
$setup channels suggestions add <channel>
$setup channels suggestions list
$setup channels suggestions remove <channel>
$setup channels accepted
$setup channels denied

# Following commands must be sent in a suggestion channel
$accept <ID> [reason]
$deny <ID> [reason]
$remove <ID>

Notes: You can set several (No limit) channels as suggestions only for categorized suggestions. Three management commands must be sent in channel with the suggestion and suggestion ID is the discord message ID. Accept/Deny suggestion requires server to have Accepted/Denied channels Suggesters can not vote for their own suggestions to keep it fair Suggesters are allowed to remove their own suggestions

Premium Features: Customizing reviewed suggestions logo in accepted/denied channels Customizing suggestions emojis with custom ones Auto-Review suggestions based on how many votes they gain

Premium features

Poller is completely free and everyone can add the bot to their server and use it. But It has several premium features which you can unlock with an small amount of donations. These features have been categorized in 3 packages:

  • Light
  • Pro
  • Ultimate

You can see the features and their categories with $premium features

Vote Rewards

Poller also supports vote rewards. It will give you a random amount of coins which you can use in our community for premium packages or exclusive products we offer.

Weekly Premium Giveaways

Poller hold 5 giveaways each week. This giveaways work very special, They will be sent into your News channel or Log channel if there is no News) channel and for every reaction it has you gain more chance to win.

Channels & Roles

Poller uses 6 channels and 3 roles for managing your server which can be managed with $setup, Use $setup help to see everything explained.

Channels Description
Suggestions Which are used in #Suggestions
Polls Which is used in #Polls
Accepted Where accepted suggestions will be sent
Denied Where denied suggestions will be sent
Log Where transcripts & logs will be sent
News Where updates & giveaways will be sent (If it is not set the log channel will be used)
Roles Description
Poll Creator Who can create a poll
REviewe Who is allowed to accept and deny suggestions
Accepted Who is allowed to remove suggestions if it is neccessery


Every thing is described in $config help

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