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Create markov chains out of your messages and use other amusing text-oriented commands






SiBOT is a text-oriented bot that is designed to do frequently manually-done actions, automatically. I tried distinguish myself from the mass by including commands that I did not see elsewhere. Among the commands, there are:

Some commands

-- s.markov -->
-- s.markov adhere -> adhere to the program (we do not collect messages without your consent)
-- s.markov privacy -> All the privacy information

-- s.markov delchain -> Delete your chain (way to stop consent)
There are also commands to blacklist certain channels (very useful for bot channels, where commands may destroy a good chain)

-- s.gtrans --> A garbage translator (If you don't know what this is, it's basically a translator that replaces each word by another word that is determined by an algorithm)
-- s.titlecase --> Capitalizes each word to follow the capitalization rules for a title
-- s.prefix** --> Options for custom prefixes, which is very useful if your server has many bots which could potentially conflict

And there's more!

Other info

(P.S. this bot is only starting. If you have command suggestions or encounter bugs, you can join the support server!)

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