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A discord bot that brings community within arm's reach when dealing with destructive habits.




A discord bot that brings community within arm's reach when dealing with the lowest lows to giving life updates. by InflatibleYoshi

!help - This help text
!track - Type !help track to get info on the subcommands available: 'date', 'streak', 'reset', 'focus', 'list', and 'threshold'.
!getMembership - Get a list of your membership.
!getFellowship - Get a list of users in your fellowship.
!notify - Notify all the members of your fellowship.
!join - Request to join a user's fellowship.
!invite - Invite another user to your fellowship.
!kick - Kick a user from your fellowship.
!leave - Leave a fellowship.
!faq - Frequently asked questions.

Type !help for more info on a command.

FAQ (!faq output)

What are fellowships and what is membership?

Fellowships are groups owned by one person who can give life updates through the !notify command. You can join one by typing the !join command @'ing the person's fellowship you want to join or you can invite people into your fellowship with the !invite command. You can check the members of your fellowship by typing in the !getFellowship command. Membership is the list of all the fellowships you are a part of and this list can be checked by the !getMembership command.\

Where should I start? How do I use this bot?\

If you want to go straight to tools that help you deal with addiction, then use the !track date command, the !track focus command, and the !track threshold command to set this up (type !help track for more information). If you want a group of friends to give life updates to, use the !invite command to add people to your fellowship and the !notify command to send out an update.\

Can I DM the bot?

Yes, it is actually encouraged that you DM the bot for all the commands that don't require mentioning a user for the command. Only use the open channel for !invite, !join, !kick, and !leave

Wait a sec wouldn't it be really awkward if someone noticed that you kicked them out of your fellowship on the open channel?

Yes it would, but there's only a small chance of that happening since all open channels message commands are deleted immediately after you post them and followups are DM'ed to you. Make sure you turn off @mention notifications for the channel this bot is running in.

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