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A multipurpose bot that includes: fun, moderation and setup commands. Bot also includes all new 1v1 commands to challange your friends!



Help command: '/help'

Fun command:

'/rps' - rock paper scissors against the bot

'/rps1v1 < member >' - rock paper scissors against another member

'/slots' - slots of hearths

'/guess' - guess a number 1-10

'/roulette' - play a game of roulette and test your luck

'/tictactoe < member >' - play a game of tictactoe against your friend

'/ascii < text >' - Turns text into ASCII art

Moderation commands:

'/kick < member >' - kick a server member

'/ban < member >' - ban a sever member

'/unban < userID >' - unban an user

'/nuke' - nuke the current channel

'/mute < member >' - mute a server member

'/unmute < member >' - unmute a server member

'/warn < member > < reason >' - warn a server member

'/warnings < member >' - displays all the warnings that member has recieved

'/warningsclear' - removes all the warnings the selected user has recieved

'/lock' - locks the current channel

'/unlock' - unlocks the current channel

Setup Commands:

'/verification' - turns on/off captcha verification

'/blacklist' - blacklists a work

'/blacklistclear' - clears the blacklist

'/autorole' - sets a role to be granted to every member on join

'/welcome' - sets welcome messages to be sent when a new member joins

DMs open for recommendations Speeedyyyy#2367 :)

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