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Discord bot for finding team mates as simple as you can imagine.
This simple bot will get you team mates for every supported game (You can suggest a game on the support discord). The bot is simple to use: Just type in !lfg Gamename/Gamecode/Gamealias Gamemode Playercount and the bot sends an embed to the channel you posted this message.

The parameters Gamemode and Playercount are optional.
Commands will be deleted right after processing. To take part of the party, a user can click on 🤝 emoji.

By click the ❌ you can delete the request.

When the party is ready everyone who participates gets a ping

The language of the bot is customizable on the Bot Dashboard after you logged in with Discord.

Existing commands

Here's the list of available commands

  • !lfg help - get info about bot and list of existing commands
  • !lfg list - get a list of all available games/gamemodes and aliases. Also available on
  • !lfg gamble|roll|random Gamename/Gamecode/Gamealias ... - You can't decide what you want to play? Let the bot do the work! Give a list seperated by spaces with possible games or call it without a game and the bot will create a party with a random game for you

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