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An AC:NH Bot that allows you to keep track/predict turnip prices, lookup in-game information, show info about you and your island, and more!

Created By: Avatar of Angelolz Angelolz# 6969

Animal Crossing Bot

Hello, thank you for checking out my Animal Crossing Bot! This bot was created by me, Angelolz!

This bot is primarily focused on giving you useful tools for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Features of this bot is shown below!

What can it do?

This bot allows you to:

  • Manage turnip prices!

    • Keep track of turnip prices throughout the week!
    • Predict turnip prices!
    • Calculate your profits!
  • Look up in-game information!

    • Look up information on any villager, fish, bugs, sea creatures, and fossils!
    • Look up ongoing events for today or any other day!
  • Show off your island and codes with an AC:NH Profile!

  • psst.. if you support and donate to me, you get this cool passport card as a perk! (different BGs coming soon!!)

  • ...and hopefully many more!


Note: <> = required; [] = optional

  • ac!help - shows the help embed
  • ac!ping - check the latency of the bot
  • ac!profile - shows your very own AC:NH profile!
  • ac!turnips <sub-command> - turnip prices management
    • ac!t <sub-command> also works!
  • ac!lookup <category> <search> - look up info on any villager, fish, bug, sea creature, fossil, artwork, or recipe!
    • <category> could be villager, fish, bug, seacreature, or fossil
    • You can look up available fish/bug/seacreatures in a certain month and hemisphere as well!
      • <category> -month <month> <hemisphere> [page]
  • ac!event [date] - look up any events happening on a certain day!
    • Note: must be provided in MM/DD/YYYY format!
  • ac!donate - gives you a link to my Ko-Fi donation page! <3
  • ac!support - gives you an invite link to my support server!
  • ac!vote - gives you a link to this top.gg page!

Turnip sub-commands
Usage: ac!turnips <sub-command> or ac!t <sub-command>

  • create - creates a new profile for you, this is where you start first

  • add buyprice <price> - sets your buy price on your profile. Required to use ac!turnip predict

  • add <day> <am/pm> <price> - sets your sell price for a certain on your profile

    • You can use this table to look at shortcuts for typing the days :)
    Day Shortcuts
    monday mon, m
    tuesday tues, t
    wednesday wed, w
    thursday thurs, th
    friday fri, f
    saturday sat, s
  • list - list your turnip prices

  • predict - shows you a graph of your future turnip prices using the buy price in your profile!

  • profit <buy price> <# of turnips> <sell price> - calculates your profits!

  • clear - resets your turnip prices -- WARNING: irreversible action

Profile sub-commands
Usage: ac!profile <sub-command>

  • create - create a profile for yourself!
  • help - shows you these sub-commands in a help embed.
  • set - change certain fields of your profile! Note: even the color of the embed is customizable!
  • clear - reset certain fields of your profile.

Follow me here!

Feel free to follow me on other social medias as well!

  • Twitter: I RT and tweet a lot of memes and weird stuff hehe
  • Youtube: I make lyrics to sounds of EDM music :)
  • Ko-Fi: I do all developing in my spare time, so it would help a lot if you supported my work!

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avatar of AzureTST
AzureTST 22 days ago

Best AC bot! Does everything you need to enhance your AC experience.

avatar of Animal Crossing Bot
Animal Crossing Bot 22 days ago

Thank you very much for your review! Glad that you're enjoying it!

Replying to AzureTST