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A Minecraft Remote Console Bot that allows you to control your Minecraft Server from your Discord Channel!



RconCraft is a Minecraft Rcon Discord Bot that uses the RCON protocol to connect to your Server's Console and send commands you send in the discord channel.

It allows you to set a RCON setup for each channel, so every channel is connected to a server rcon. of course, it doesn't keep the connection. it disconnects within 1s of sending the command.

You can also add commands to blacklist so you disable them and disallow people from using them.

You can setup Custom Commands that run specific server commands! (ex. r!discordrank "name")

And now, you can send messages from Discord to Minecraft using the D2M feature! Read more

RconCraft also has some usefull Minecraft commands like r!mcskin (username) and r!query (IP) (PORT). and much more.

You can also setup a Log channel so you can track who and what commands are sent.

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How to setup a RCON channel?

You can setup an RCON channel by going to the channel you want. then, do r!add_rcon (IP) (PORT) (RCON PASS)

For more info, check this Page.

How does it work?

Well, it's simple! the bot connects to your Server RCON via entering IP, Port, and Password. enters the command. gets the response. disconnect. and prints it for you!

How does it save the info?

Don't worry! Your info are saved and encrypted via the channel's id. Noone can get the info. even US!

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