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A simple, multi-functional Discord bot - Focuses on Anime Commands


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Neko - A Discord Bot Based Around Anime

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  A multifunctional Discord Bot, written in Discord.js v12~

Why should you invite Neko?

Neko is a simple yet powerful Discord Bot that aims to give discord users an enhanced experience. She provides a variety of fun commands that you can use with your friends.

She can:

  • Spice up chat environment with the use of roleplay/action commands!
  • Search through the internet for information resources such as anime information lookup, games (via steam), or even Google stuff without opening your browser.
  • Ease the work of moderators by managing the server through various single commands.
  • Provide Airing Information automatically, as well as implement user experience system.
  • Acquire totally random fun facts from various sources she has access to.


You may invite her through


If you have questions regarding the bot and its use, please do join our support server.


"Give Credit when it's Due". I will be mentioning here the projects/people that helped Neko grow as a powerful Discord Bot.

  • Discord.js by discordjs - a powerful JavaScript library for interacting with the Discord API.
  • AniList by TehNut - an anime announcer made purely on JavaScript that became the basis for one of Neko's main feature in the present.

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