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NightRaven is Multi-Purpose Bot, has commands that are similar to other bots but removed problems of other multi-purpose bots.






Nightraven has common moderation commands like Mute, Kick, Ban. And advanced moderation system; warn. You can also use commands that manages the Role System of Discord Server. You can create role, You can delete role, add role to you, remove role from you. Also can change specific role color with hex colors. Plus it shows you the list of roles. There is command that you can give role to everyone (except bot) and give role to all bots. Which could be useful sometimes when you need to add role to everyone or every bot. Sometimes we need auto role giving command that if you react you can get specific role. And Nightraven has it too! About Utility, there is purge command which is very common and easy to make. you can also ban words and select punishment if someone used banned word. There is also suggestion command where you can set the suggestion channel and when you use the command Nightraven will copy the suggestion (also there is command cooldown so people can't abuse the command) And one of the most useful command, you can check how many people got covid-19 around your country and around the world! You can change the prefix of Nightraven to whatever you want! Same as suggestion channel you can set report channel for Moderator of Discord Server. Another useful command, you can see your discord avatar. members command show you how many people are in the server! Bots, Users and in total. And at last, nice looking help command

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