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General purpose bot with most basic commands, several VALORANT, fun, utility and moderation commands.




Got 'em

Got 'em

Potate is a general purpose bot with most basic commands every bot has. It also includes several fun commands such as trivia, cleverbot, random facts, kanye quotes, boilthefrog, etc. General utility commands include poll, dictionary definitions, world clock, timer, message quote, etc. A VALORANT stats command is also available with plans for several more valorant related commands. It can help you find the oldest user accounts and oldest members in your server.

It also has a very cool find_anime command which allows you to find an exact anime episode and timestamp based on a screenshot from the episode.

Potate is still in active developements and most useful and fun ideas from the bots users are implemented quickly. While as the developer I have only included the base and moderation commands, most other commands on the bot are community suggested. By the people, for the people!

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