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Sokobot is a Discord bot that lets you play Sokoban, the classic box-pushing puzzle game!


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Sokobot is a Discord bot written with JDA that lets you play Sokoban, the classic box-pushing puzzle game.


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Infinite levels

The maps in Sokobot are randomly generated, increasing in difficulty as you progress.

Varied controls

Sokobot has multiple control options to improve the player's experience, including reactions and wasd commands!

Simultaneous games

Thanks to the power of Java HashMaps™️, multiple users can use the bot at the same time without interfering with one another.

Custom prefixes

To prevent Sokobot from conflicting with other bots, admins can choose any single-character prefix to preface Sokobot's commands.

Progress Saving

Sokobot saves your progress automatically. You can come back and play where you left off.



  • !play [emoji] can be used to start a game if you are not currently in one.
  • !stop can be used to stop your active game at any time.
  • !info provides some useful details about the bot and rules of the game.
  • !top [page] can be used to check what level the top 100 are in.
  • !data reset can be used to set you back to level 1, no confirmation neeeded.
  • !vote can be used to get the vote link.


  • !prefix [character] can be used to change the prefix the bot responds to in the current server.

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