Welcome to the Ekon bot's info!

What is this bot?

This is Ekon, A bot made by Fan Boy#9344. I have spent a few months on this and it's finally ready. This bot can help your server have a bit of fun with it's fun commands.

What main "fun" commands does this bot offer?

This bot has many fun commands that can be used while hanging out with friends. It offers :

  • Interaction commands - If you'd ever need to hug or slap your friend during a chill time
  • Encryption commands - Ever thought of chatting in ASCII or Binary?
  • Animal commands - Cute animals and facts, all waiting for the aww that people can give them.
  • and Many More!

Do I need to give it all the permissions it asks me to give it?

No, The permissions this bot needs could be very wide. But feel free to tick them off if you ever feel so. We never wanted to make a bot that people don't want to trust. The bot works with 0 permissions taking into consideration that the bot serves moderation purposes too (extra permissions needed for that).

I need help regarding the bot / I need to report a bug about the bot!

Don't worry, We are working on a support server for the bot which should ready to help you soon, I am personally sorry for late questions but our staff and support team has a life too and considering that they are putting enough time into it already.

Can this bot be trusted?

Yes, atleast from what I would say. This bot was made from the view that everyone should be able to freely invite it without any problems. I am sincerely sorry and open for any bugs that occur in your server and/or deal you any loss.

Cool, But how do I invite the bot

You can invite the Ekon bot to your server by clicking here. Note: You are going to require the "Manage_Servers" Permission upon inviting the bot in the specific guild.


The bot offers a variety of commands which can be seen at When you do e!help. This will just cover an outline of the command catergories

Command Catergories

  • General Purpose : Simple bot commands for info on the bot and more.
  • Utility Commands : Commands that will help you with simple things of a server.
  • Moderation commands: Moderator commands for managing server.
  • Fun commands : Typical hangout commands for everyone.
  • Animal Commands : Cute animals and their facts.
  • Search Commands : Ever wanting the bot to pickup the lyrics of a favorite song? Here is it!


About the Bot

The bot was made as a fun project that I now want to keep on the good side.

About the Developer

I started out with nothing in terms of a bot. I have made everything myself except for maybe the memes you get or the animals you can see.

I do not currently have a support server and I'm working on it. Hope it cannot be a big issue.

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