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High Quallity Radio for your Discord!


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Our bot is offically verified!

A few days ago Elektroradio got verified by discord. Thank you so much for using the bot! We aprechiate your support. Have a nice day and enjoy listening to music!

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📻 ElekroRadio - High Quallity Radio for your Discord! 📻

Just invite it into your server and you are good to go. You can play predefind radio stations and own stream links.

Prefix: /


/radio - A list of all Radios

/stream - stream a mp3 link

/help - Shows the help command.

/link - Send all Info Links.

/stats - Shows stats of the bot.

/ping - Pong! Whats the Ping?

/setprefix - set a new prefix

resetprefix - rest your prefix

prefix - whats my prefix.

Invite to the Support Server: Click the button above!

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