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A bot that keeps track of Splash payments for Skyblock






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Why use Scorbunny? If you're tired of dealing with disorganized papers, messy spreadsheet, or just guild management in general, Scorbunny is the bot for you!

How do I set up the bot? Before you can enjoy the amazing benefits from my bot, you'll need to setup his "Home Channel." Scorbunny WILL NOT listen to any commands otherwise.

  1. Type !! here in your bot commands channel.
  2. Use !! menu in your bot channel to access the command list.

Features: With 17 different commands, Scorbunny was made to handle all your Splash payments in an easy to read, comprehensible interface.

  1. Anti Spam - Commands used outside the bot's channel will be deleted.
  2. Payment tracking - You can create accounts, deposit/withdraw coins, and have the bot automatically give a Paid role to members who've paid their fees.

Unlike other bots, Scorbunny doesn't overwhelm you with a giant message; it shows you exactly what you're looking for in a bite sized manner.

  1. Auto role - If a member paid their fees, they will automatically receive the "Paid" role. This is incredibly useful as you don't have to worry about people accessing your Splash channel without actually paying for the splashes.

All you have to do is put Scorbunny in a high enough role hierarchy. Don't worry, you can always turn that feature on and off whenever you want.

  1. Permissions - No need to do everything by yourself! You can have other roles use all payment related commands and, as you could imagine, easily revoke their permissions if they ever get naughty.

  2. Comprehensible and useful Menu - Want to know how many accounts you have? How much money has been contributed in total? You forgot your Splash fees? You can check all of that with !! menu.

Furthermore, Scorbunny comes with an audit log that writes down when accounts are edited, amongst other things.

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