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A multipurpose bot with Moderation, Logging and Levels. More coming soon!




How to setup Luminous

If you have not already try running *help setup in your server for a basic list of setup steps setup

The most important thing here is the Bots Permissions and the Permission Roles,

Bot Permissions

Some modules require certain permissions to work properly. For example the moderation module requires Manage Messages, Kick Members, Ban Members, and Manage Roles. If the bot doesn't have these permissions then the module will be disabled.

Permission Roles

These roles have the key to the castle. They can use all commands this bot offers, you want to make sure that the bot autoconfigured them correctly. Here's how to modify them:

Viewing the current Permission Role list

*permissions - Lists all roles with elevated permissions for this bot

Adding a role to the Permission Role list

*addpermission - Adds a role to the permission list *addpermission <@role>

Removing a role from the Permission Role list

*removepermission - Removes a role from the permission list *removepermission <@role>

Enabling modules

You can enable modules with the modules command *modules <enable/disable/list> <modulename> Example: *modules enable mod Mod

Disabling modules

You can disable modules with the modules command *modules <enable/disable/list> <modulename> Example: *modules disable Mod

Moderation Commands

Luminous offers a wide range of moderation commands. Here's how to use them

*warn - Warns a user

*warn <@user> <reason>
*warn @quin#3017 breaking rule 1

*kick - Kicks a user

*kick <@user> <reason>
*kick @quin#3017 spamming

*ban - Bans a user

*ban <@user> <reason>
*ban @quin#3017 breaking rule 2

*mute - Mutes a user

*mute <@user> <timespan> <reason>


10m - Ten minutes
1h - One hour
45s - Forty five seconds
2d - Two days
1y - One year (don't recommend)
*mute @quin#3017 30m spamming

*unmute - Unmutes a muted user

*unmute <@user>
*unmute @quin#3017

*modlogs - View a users modlogs

*modlogs <@user>
*modlogs @quin#3017

*clearlogs - Clears a users logs

*clearlogs <@user> <log_number>
*clearlogs <@user> all

*clearlogs @quin#3017 3

*purge - Deletes x amount of messages

*purge <amount>
*purge <@user> <amount>

*purge @quin#3017 10,
*purge 25

*lock - Locks a text channel *lock <#channel>

*lock #general

*unlock - Unlocks a locked channel *unlock <#channel>

*unlock #general

Leave/Join Messages

You can set custom welcome and leave messages for your guild! here's hows to set them up!

Welcome Messages

Message Variables

You can specify variables for the welcome card!

{user} - The Users full name, Example: quin#3017
{} - The Users username, Example: quin
{} - The Guilds name, Example: Discord Developers
{guild.count} - The Guilds member count, Example: 2000


*welcomer channel - Shows the current welcome channel *welcomer channel <#channel> - Sets the welcome channel

*welcomer message - Shows the current welcome message *welcomer message <new welcome message - Sets the new welcome message

*welcomer <enable/on> - Turns the welcomer on *welcomer <disable/off - Turns off the welcomer

*welcomer dm <true/false> - Tells the welcomer to either send the welcome message in dm's true or to send it in the welcome channel false

*welcomer mentions <true/false> - Tells the welcomer to either ping the user with there card true or to just send the card false

Leave Messages

Luminous now supports leave messages as well! you can change the leave message settings with leave-message

Message Variables

You can specify variables in the embed, here's there variables

{user} - The Users name, Example: quin
{guild} - The Guilds Name, Example: Discord Developers
{guild.count} - The Guilds member count, Example: 2000


*leave-message <on/off> - Enables or disables leave messages

*leave-message title <new title> - Sets the title for the leave message embed

*leave-message message <new message> - Sets the body of the embed, you can specify

*leave-message channel <#channel> - Sets the channel for leave messages to be sent to


Luminous offers a customizable level system for your server. Here's how to set it up! Run *levelsettings list in your guild to see your current level settings levels

Here's all the settings explained:

XP Multiplier - The multiplier for the next levels required experience

XP Per Message - The amount of XP to give per Message

XP Per Minute in VC - The amount of XP to give for each minute a user is in VC

Max Level The Maximum reachable level

Levelup Channel The channel to post Levelup messages

Color The color of the Levelup embeds

Default XP The default XP for level one. this is the XP that gets multiplied by the XP Multiplier

Changing the Levels Settings

You can change all the values with the *levelsettings command, Heres how

XP Multiplier

To change the XP Multiplier run the command *levelsettings xpmultiplier <new_value>.

XP Per Message

To change the amount of XP per Message run the command *levelsettings messagexp <new_value>

XP per Minute in VC

To change the amount of XP per minute in VC run the command *levelsettings voicexp <new_value>

Max Level

To change the Max Level run the command *levelsettings maxlevel <new_value>

Levelup Channel

To change the Levelup channel run the command *levelsettings channel <#channel>


To change the Color of the Levelup Embed run the command *levelsettings color <R> <G> <B>

Default XP

To change the Default XP run the command *levelsettings defaultxp <new_value>

Blacklisting channels

You can blacklist certain text/voice channels so users don't get XP in that channel. Here's how:

Adding a Blacklisted channel

*levelsettings blacklist add <channel>
*levelsettings blacklist add #commands
*levelsettings blacklist add 724798167387734080
*levelsettings blacklist add General

Removing a Blacklisted Channel

*levelsettings blacklist remove <channel>
*levelsettings blacklist remove #commands
*levelsettings blacklist remove 724798167387734080
*levelsettings blacklist remove General

Listing Blacklisted Channels

*levelsettings blacklist
*levelsettings blacklist

Ranked Roles

The bot can give out roles when you reach a certain level, Heres how to set that up:

Adding a Ranked Role

*levelsettings ranks add <@role> <level>
*levelsettings ranks add @Cool People 69

Removing a Ranked Role

*levelsettings ranks remove <@role>
*levelsettings ranks remove @Cool People

Listing Ranked Roles

*levelsettings ranks
*levelsettings ranks


Luminous has more settings that we didn't go over yet, so lets!


You can change Luminous's prefix on your server with the prefix command Example: *prefix $


Luminous has logging abilities as well, Here's how to configure them *logs - Set a channel to log to and enable or disable logging to a channel.

*logs channel <channel>
*logs on/off

*logs channel #general
*logs on

Additional Info

For the mute command to work your guild must have a "Muted" role that's above the normal member ranks, Luminous has a command to generate one: *createmutedrole although it will take time depending on the amount of channels you have. If you already have a muted role you can tell luminous to use it with the *setmutedrole <@role>

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