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The Texturepacks bot is all around Minecraft Bedrock Edition / Minecraft Pocket Edition texturepacks



Command List

Default Prefix: / Change the bot Prefix with /prefix Example: /prefix ! General Commands /help /invite /support /ping /statstic /shardinfo /vote /ignore /tutorial How do I setup the bot to a specific channel? Just type /ignore on all channels where you don't want the Bot to excute coammands Pack Commands /category /randompack /pack /map /tutorial If you want to see all the available Categories do /category and if you found a Category you like type /c bedwars Do you want to learn to port texturepacks or fix something from your game? No problem just use /tutorial and you will see a list of tutorials which you can use! If you need help with the bot or have issues join our Discord Server so we can help you out.


Our bot is an unique texturepack gallery of community suggested packs ported from Java too Minecraft bedrock with the bot having almost 1000 texturepacks uploaded to date and has already been added too 750 servers with an overall member count of 50.000 members.

The use of the bot is for the Bedrock community to be able to access any texturepack they wish for, as swiftly as possible as well as gaining easy access to related tutorials saving every user as well as every admin of the bot alot of time.

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