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A bot that allows you to make custom commands as many as you want. That can send embed, text, give role, remove role, toggle role


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We reached 4k servers. Its a great achievement. Hope you all will be with us to make this bot better

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Custom Commands maker

An advanced discord custom command maker bot. Make unlimited custom commands easily with no restriction. Easy management.


Using custom commands 5 types of command can be made

  1. Text
  2. Embed
  3. Give role
  4. Remove role
  5. Toggle role and
  6. Give and remove role

All command making is extremely easy using the Web dashboard


You can

  1. Choose which command can be executed by which role
  2. Choose only on which channel command can be executed
  3. Control pings by the bot
  4. Customize the bot username and avatar/profile image.

and also so many customization options available

So don't wait Invite bot and start making awesoome commands

If you are stuck, need help or found a problem while making command you can see Custom command blog if you cant find what you are looking for Join support server to get help from our community

Thank you for chosing this bot πŸ’–

Tags : custom commands, embed command, role command, custom command maker, role management

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