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Lionbot was a bot that just started as a hope for me to make. Them became.. Reality.


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Lionbot is a multipurpose bot with many cool commands.

However, some commands are buggy and my not work correctly. This to my good scripting with lionbot he acts like a human! (Beta) Is even shows the bot typing like a normal person would. Sice he is programmed to act like a human he doesn't send embeds. However, he is still good for moderation and other. When the kick or ban command is ran lionbot DMs the user and then kicks them to ensure they know why they're being kicked. Lionbot is the bot of the future. :D

However, some comands may not work (or be listed), as I am currently transfering them to a permanent host! Btw, sometimes the prefix is - and sometimes it is !. It is just a backup. The default is "-", the bot will display if the backup is on or not.

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