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Bring life to your server with bandit all the way from just changing your avatar, to sending random dog pictures. Bandit is a must need bot.


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Added forecast command

The bot can now give you a 1-3 day weather forecast with both metric and imperial measurements.


Bandit bot's commands

Moderator commands will be added in the upcoming month as the bot grows across discord.

Bandit bot started as a project that was inspired by one of my friends that dared me to make a bot. So I created Banditbot to simply send dog pictures Then it grew as I learned new things to do with a bot. It has now expanded into just over 100 commands to bring life to your server. Bandit will include Moderation commands in the future to make sure your server is sweeky clean. A lot will be added to Bandit bot as time fly's by.

Animal commands

~bunny (Get a random bunny gif)
~cat (Get a random cat image)
~dog (Get a random dog image)


The economey on this bot is still simple
~daily (Get a random amount of money every 8 hours)
~balace (See how much money you have)

Edit your avatar

~avatar-fusion (User to put over main user) (main user base) (Combine two avatars in to one)
~chocolate-milk (user to put image of milk onto) (Give your self a glass of milk)
~fire (user) (Set a user avatar on fire)
~hat (hat type) (user) (addX) (addY) (scale) (Put a hat on a user or yourself)
~he-lives-in-you (user) (Lion king meme)
~hearts (user) (Draw hearts around a users avatar)
~i-have-the-power (user) (Puts a user's avatar ontop of heman)
~rip (user) (reason of death) (Put a user's avatar on a gravestone)
~sip (user) (direction) (Draws a cup of tea on a avatar)
~steam-now-playing (game) (user) (Creates a steam now playing picture)
~steam-now-playing-classic (game) (user) (Creates a steam now playing classic picture)
~triggered (user) (Triggered meme from a avatar)

Edit images

~achievement (achievement) (Sends a custom minecraft achievement meme)
~adorable (text) (Creates an adorable avatar based on the text you provide)
~bob-ross (image or ping user) (Make bob ross draw your avatar or image you provide)
~gun (image or ping user) (Draws a gun on a picture or a image you provide)
~highway-sign (text) (Put your text on a highway sign to make other people laugh)
~ifunny (image or ping user) (Puts a Ifunny logo on the bottom)
~needs-more-jpeg (quality) (image or ping user) (Makes icon even more pixelated)
~simp (image or ping user) (Draws a simp logo ontop of image or avatar)
~snapcode (snapchat username) (Creates a snapcode with given username)
~speed-limit (limit) (Create a speedlimit sign with your own speed)
~spotify-now-playing (song name) (artist name) (image or ping user) (Creates a fake spotify song)
~tweet (twitter username) (tweet) (Creates a fake tweet from a given user on twitter)

Edit memes

~catch (is) (time) (Catch users, revealing who is something) ~deep-fry (image or ping user) (Deep fry a user's or image) ~illegal (Text of the bill) (verb is,are,am) (Makes President Trump make your text illegal) ~spongebob-burn (burn) (person) (Sends a "Spongebob Throwing Something into a Fire" meme with words of your choice)


~8ball (Ask it a question and you will get an answer)
~age (Put a year and find how old someone born in the year entered)
~bubble-wrap (Bubble wrap thats it)
~hug (Hug a user in your server with this command)
~pun (Get a random pun from the bot)
~slap (When that one user is rude slap them with this command)


~captcha (It will generate a random captcha and you have 15 seconds to type the letters)
~never-have-i-ever (Generates a random Never have I ever question for you and your friends)


~account-age (See when a discord account was created)
~cloc (See how many lines banditbot is made of)
~command-leaderboard (See whats the most used commands on the bot)
~first-message (Find the first message in a channel)
~help (Get a list of the commands)
~owner (A little command that tells who the owner is)
~server (Get server info using this command)
~user (Get a users info using this command)
~uses (See how many times a command was used)

Moderator commands

More coming soon
~purge (amount) (reason) (COMING SOON)
~kick (user) (reason) (COMING SOON)
~ban (user) (reason) (COMING SOON

Random commands

~advice (Gives you a random peice of advice)
~cat-fact (Random cat facts)
~choose (If you give it a set of things it will pick one from those set)
~compliment (user) (Gives you a user random compliment)
~coolness (user) (Determins how cool a user is)
~dog-fact (Random dog fact)
~fact (Get a random fact)
~fortune (Open a fortune cookie)
~iss (Gives you the coords for the international spacestation)
~joke (A random joke)
~magic-conch (Ask the all knowing conch shell)
~name (generates a random name)
~opinion (give the bot a question and it will give an opinion)
~quote (responds with a random quote)
~rate (rate a object or name)
~roast (roasts a user)
~suggest-command (Will give a random command to use from the command list)
~superpower (responds with a random superpower)
~the-onion (gives you a random onion artical)
~will-you-press-the-button (Gives you a good power but will have sideeffects)
~word (will respond with 1 of 50000 words)
~worth (Whats the fake worth of a user)

Weather commands

~weather (zipcode or city) (Will give you the weather for the city you choose)
~astronomy (zipcode or city) (Tells you when the sunrise and sunset is)
~forecast (Coming soon)

Thanks for adding Banditbot and I hope you have a fun time with it.

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