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Looking for an all in one hypixel guild discord bot? Well, you have come to the right place!






NOTE: In order for proper functionality of this bot you MUST set an valid hypixel guild before using any of the commands, if you would like an example guild for testing you may use "TheHypixelGuardians". Set the guild by typing g?setguild (Name)

About the project:

Looking for an all in one hypixel guild discord bot? Well, you have come to the right place! I started this project as a private guild bot to help me automate processes within my guilds discord. After a while of use, I saw great potential in the project and decided to open it to the public. After a couple of weeks of redesigning the bot and getting past many technical hurdles, I feel I am finally ready to open it to the public for use. Note this project is still in development so some features may not work as intended or change. If you do come across a bug or want to suggest a feature, you may either reply to this thread, send a report with the report handler system, or contact me directly (RJTech#7070). If you submit a valid bug/suggestion I will make sure to credit you.

Key features:

Displays guild info Lists online players Display Daily and Weekly guild experience leaderboard Keep track of inactive players Keep track of players who don't meet weekly gexp Displays Hypixel stats Afk system to manage afk players Automatically verify guild members and assigns them a role Automatically syncs guild roles with discord roles Queue system to help manage incoming players Requirement system to check if players stats meet guild requirements Set users nicks to there ign automatically


  1. The first thing you will want to do is set your guild. To do this, type (g?setguild “guild name”). This will link your guild with your discord server. In case you want to see what current guild you have set is, type (g?guild) and it will list it.

  2. If you would like to make use of the queue system, take this time to set a custom call message. This will be sent to members when it is there turn in the queue. To set it, simply run (g?qsetcall “call message”). You can see what call message you have set by running (g?qlistcall)

  3. If you have not already made discord roles matching your guild roles and you want to make use of the auto verification feature, please run (g?autorole). This will automatically add a discord role for each of your guild’s roles.

  4. While all the other commands may be self-explanatory, the requirement system needs some explaining. First off the basic command to set a requirement is “g?setreq (game) (element) (value)”. So for example, If I wanted to set a requirement that you had to be bedwars level 30 or higher, I would use “g?setreq Bedwars Experience 138000”. You may need to manual convert levels to XP to get what you want, note direct level support may be added in the future. You can find a complete list of games/elements in the next section. Note to not add bullet points as it is just used to organize the list, even though that is what it is listed as. You may add as many requirements as you want and use (g?setreqnum "number") to set how many of the requirements can be failed (default 0).

An full list of commands and Games/Elements can be found on our officel hypixel bot thread:

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