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Music bot, gambling with fake money bot, work for fake money bot? Better than Dank memer? Well almost.




Well my bot is just a bot that has a music api built into it and its just a text based game. It has economy commands like beg, search, hunt, work, rob, and stuff like that. There is nothing else to it except gambling with fake money. I am also trying to add a vote command where users will be rewarded for voting, with items like a gold coin, which is one of my ideas. Soon I plan to add a level system and users will have more commands to use at a certain level. There is no moderation, just a couple of commands for me, the owner, to use like set it into testing mode, reload a command, or give a certain user money. Soon I will possibly add permission worthy roles based on how I feel about the futher development of this bot. For example, being able to clear messages, ban/kick members.

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