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ProGalaxy is a fully customizable bot for your server , moderation, music, auto roles, auto moderation, TICKETS , and more.



Welcome to the Pro Galaxy is a Discord Bot designed to suit your server and make your experience better. Look below to invite ProGalaxy and join our support server!

Support Invite Features ProGalaxy has many features to make your server better, including (but not limited to) the ones found below. We also take Feedback and have the best support!

24/7 Uptime

We keep ProGalaxy online on a reliable hosting service so we can ensure that you and your server can enjoy ProGalaxy all day long. This means that ProGalaxy is online for the majority of time but sometimes we may need to take it offline for maintenence or there may be errors inside the code, or some services may be down like music or it having two instances.

Working Music

ProGalaxy provides a high quality music service to your server through voice channels. It has a dedicated VPS for the lavalink node (where the music is played from) so that music has less lag and higher quality. ProGalaxy uses lavalink so that it can provide higher quality music to you and your server as lavalink provides the highest quality music to discord.

Fun Commands

ProGalaxy has a wide range of commands to make a server more fun we are adding some every single day! There is many commands you can use to have some fun with


ProGalaxy has some moderation commands so you can make sure your server stays safe!.

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