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Sticky bot made to keep important announcements,sales or any kind of message at the bottom at all times for all members to see!

Stickyman was created so users can get the chance to get their messages out there! Stickyman allows you to set a sticky message that will always stay at the bottom and never get moved up! All users will see this message.

You can choose the channel and have a different sticky for each channel if you wanted! All updates are posted in our support discord! You can get all the information by doing !help or !commands.

Need assistance or facing an issue? Join the official Fuel Development server, click here


Command Usage Description
stickyadd !stickyadd (message) Allows you to create a sticky.
stickyremove !stickyremove Removes the sticky from the command channel
stickyem !stickyem (message) Will let you set a sticky in a embed.
giveaway !giveaway (channel) (time) (winners) (prize) Allows you to create a giveaway in command channel
embed !embed (title) (description) Will allow you to create a simple embed
purge !purge (amount) Clears the requested amount of messages.
whois !whois (@user) Display information on a user
ping !ping View the bots ping details
poll !poll [channel | message] [message] Create a simple yes or no poll
avatar !avatar (@user) Display a certain users avatar image
prefix !prefix (new prefix) Changes the bots prefix for the server
covid !covid (country) View the latest covid-19 stats
weather !weather (town | state) Displays live Weather Stats for the requested place.
prefix !prefix (new prefix) Changes the bots prefix for the server
commands !commands Shows all the commands inside StickyMan
botinfo !botinfo Allows you to see information on the bot.
links !links Allows you to view important links.
8ball !8ball (question) You ask me a random question and I give an answer.
rps !rps (rock | paper | scissors) Play a game of rock paper scissors against me
coinflip !coinflip Lets you flip a coin and it will land on Heads or Tails.

Here is a demo:

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