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A bot which creates temporary voice channels, and delete them when no one using them.






My Voice is a discord bot which enables user to create and modify temporary channels with ease, It provides alot of commands which can be used to manipulate channel settings.

There are 4 kinds of temporary channels that a user can setup. (Normal, Sequental, Predefined, Cloned) Use mv!help

Commands that user can use to manipulate channel settings.

mv!voice lock: Locks the voice channel for everyone.
mv!voice unlock: Unlocks the voice channel for everyone.
mv!voice ghost: Hides the voice channel from everyone.
mv!voice unghost: Unhides the voice channel from everyone.
mv!voice permit @Role/Member: Permits a user to join your channel.
mv!voice reject @Role/Member: Rejects/Kicks a user from your voice channel.
mv!voice bitrate <New>: Changes the bitrate of your voice channel.
mv!voice limit <New>: Changes the user limit of a channel.
mv!voice ghostmen @Role/Member: Enables a user/Role to see your channel.
mv!voice game: Renames your channel to your currently playing game name.
mv!voice name <New>: Renames your channel with new name.
mv!voice claim: Claims a channel when actual owner lefts it.
mv!voice transfer @User: Tranfer your channel to someone else.

Setup Commands
mv!voice setup: Setup's a normal channel.
mv!voice setup clone: Setups a cloned channel.
mv!voice setup predefined: Setups a predefined channel.
mv!voice setup sequence: Setups a sequential channel.

We are always looking to provide better user experience ( Make a issue on github or in support server if you want to contribute in this project ).

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