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!o (editable)
Server Count

Note: If a command does not respond to you it means you have hit the ratelimit for that command!

The bot currently has the following features

Note: The bot is currently being remade from scratch. The features will slowly come back!

  • Live Status (FiveM)
  • Say Command
    • Standard & Embed
  • Custom Commands
  • Reaction Roles
  • Server Logs
  • Tickets

Don't like the prefix ? Then change it!

{prefix} prefix <prefix> <optional: withSpaceAtEnd> (example: !o prefix ! true this would make the prefix ! and if you set it to false it would be !)

If the optional parameter is not set it will default to false.

If you are ever confused about a command just do !ohelp <command>

If you want to see all the available commands to you just do !ohelp


Users can make a new ticket every 10 minutes.

  • {prefix}t setup - Sets up tickets (needs to be done)
  • {prefix}t new - Makes a new ticket
  • {prefix}t close - Closes a ticket

Monitor your FiveM players live!

To setup FiveM:

  • {prefix} setname <server name> - Sets the name displayed in the embed
  • {prefix} setip <serverIP> <serverPort> <ServerPath> (example: !osv set ip 30120 /) - Sets the ip of the server
  • {prefix} livestatus - Runs the command in the current channel

It's as simple as that!

If the bot goes down for any reason when it comes back up it will automatically continue to edit the livestatus! So no need to re-do the command again!

If you need support then make sure to join our guild.

Say and Embed

Say and embed has a special way of dealing with roles, so you don't end up doubling pinging your members. To make use of this just put the role name inside double brackets when writing your message. For example: want to mention everyone? Just do `{prefix}say #announcements Welcome {{everyone}} this is an announcement!`. That will mention everyone without you also mentioning everyone so only one ping! Same goes for normal roles such as `{{Server Booster}}` will mention the 'Server Booster' role
  • {prefix}say <channel> <message>
  • {prefix}embed <channel> <message>

Custom Commands

Custom commands allow you to create a command like !support and it responds with a custom message. You cannot override existing commands.

  • {prefix}cm create <command name> <command text>
  • {prefix}cm remove <command name>
  • {prefix}cm list

Reaction Roles

Reaction roles can be used for various things such as letting your members into the guild by restricting them to one channel until they react to the message.

Creating, Editing & Removing the message

Creates a new reaction role message in the current channel your in.
  • {prefix}r new <message> Edits the message in that channel with message Id. Select whether you want to edit the title or the message. Then your new text.

  • {prefix}r edit <channel> <message Id> <title or message> <new text>

  • {prefix}r remove <channel> <message Id>

Adding Roles

* `{prefix}r add role ` * `{prefix}r remove role ` Changes if the user is allowed multiple roles from the reactions
  • {prefix}r multiple roles <channel> <message Id> <allow multiple roles (True or False)>

Server Logs

Logs messages from users, them doing commands on the bot.
  • {prefix}l command <channel>
  • {prefix}l users <channel>
  • {prefix}l server <channel>

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