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Verified Multi Language HyperScape Discord Bot with Stats, Autonews and much more, every command packed in a custom image


h? (Customizable)
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HYPERSCAPE LABS | All Data based on newest patch | Discord Verified | Bot Version beta-1.1

I decided to not activly support HyperScape anymore which means no agent updates or weapon updates anymore, the only thing that will remain support is the autonews and the Stats


  • Multi Language support (currently German, English, more coming soon...)


  • h?help - Shows the help message [READY]

  • h?stats [platform] [ingamename] - Shows the stats of the requested user [READY]

  • h?weapon [WEAPON-NAME] - Get stats for requested weapon [READY/WIP]

  • h?weapons - Get overview over all available weapons [WIP]

  • h?patch - Shows the latest patch [READY]

  • h?commander [COMMANDER-NAME] - Shows commander details for an specific agent [READY/WIP]

  • h?botinfo - Get information about the bot [READY]

  • h?settings - Get overview over the settings [READY]

  • h?settings prefix [NEW PREFIX] - Set new prefix [READY]

  • h?settings news [#CHANNEL] - Set news channel [READY]

  • h?settings lang [de/en] - Set Bot language [READY]

  • h?vote - Get the Vote Link [READY]

  • h?usage - Get detailed usage of the Bot [READY]

  • h?link [platform] [ingamename] - Link your HyperScape Account with Discord for easier stats


  • Website:

If you have any suggestions, write me a DM over Discord: Henrik3#1451

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