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Make your own Hypixel style tournaments with the Guardian Tournament Bot

About the project:

Ever wanted to create your own hypixel style tournaments? Well, now you can with the Guardian Tournament Bot! This discord bot allows you to create a tournament in almost any game mode. The tournaments you create are based on points that you can set for elements in the game mode or modes of your choosing. Note: This is still in development so some features may not work as intended or change. If you do find a bug, feel free to mention that here, use the built-in report system, or mention it on our support server. Please make sure to follow the setup instructions carefully to avoid having any problems ;)

Key features:

Create a tournament for almost any game mode Setpoint values for elements within that game mode Display users current points Display point leaderboard Backup of all your tournaments data

User Commands:

t-help -Lists users commands

t-register (IGN) - Registers user for the tournament

t-list - Lists everyone in the tournament

t-points (IGN) - Lists a player that is in the tournaments points

t-leaderboard - Shows the point leaderboard

t-listpoints - Lists the different points for that tournament

Admin Commands:

t-helpadmin - Lists admin commands

t-channel (Mention Channel) - Sets the channel for announcements

t-create (Name) - creates a tournament

t-open - Opens the tournament so players can register

t-cancel - Cancels tournament

t-start - Starts tournament

t-end - Ends tournament

t-setpoint (Game) (Element) (Value) - Sets an point to be tracked

t-resetpoints - Resets points

t-listbackup - Shows backup data

t-loadbackup - Loads backup data

t-overrideloop - Fixes errors in the event hypixels API goes down while someone is in the middle of calculating points.


After inviting your bot to the desired discord server, set your intended announcement channel. This is where your tournament status and end leaderboard will be displayed. To set the announcement channel, simply type t-channel followed by a mention of the desired channel. If you have successfully set the channel, you will see a confirmation message.

After you have set your announcement channel and received the confirmation, it is time to create your first tournament. Start by typing t-create followed by the name of your tournament. Note: the name can be as long as you like. After running the command you should see your tournament pop up in the desired announcement channel. Note the status of the tournament is closed, this means people will not be able to join your tournament. You can cancel the tournament by typing t-cancel

After you see your tournament come up with the status “closed” in the announcement channel, you can now set up the points. Note however points can be edited at any time in the process before the tournament starts. If you are familiar with the guardian guild bot requirement system, this point system will seem familiar. First, find the correct game and element from our list of games and elements that you would like to use. This list can be found below in this thread. Start the command by typing t-setpoint followed by the game, the element, and the value that each of those elements will be worth in the tournament. The bot will automatically test to make sure the endpoint you provided is valid. Repeat this step for each of the desired points. After you are done you should see your points listed on the point list. To see this list do t-listpoints. Note: the points you set will remain active unless you reset them. This means you can use the same points for multiple tournaments without having to add them again. To reset the points type t-resetpoints

After you have completed all the steps above, you are now able to run your tournament. Start by opening it to the public by typing t-open. Users can register for the tournament by typing t-register followed by there IGN. Note: There discord must be linked with there Minecraft account on hypixel. You can see a list of players registered and their discords by doing t-list When you would like to start your tournament, simply type t-start. Make sure to notice the status change for the tournament to ensure it works properly. While the tournament is running, players can type t-points followed by a player that is in the event to see their current points. You can see the overall leaderboard by typing t-leaderboard. Once you are ready to conclude your tournament, type t-end. This will end your tournament and print a final leaderboard in the announcement channel.

In the event, you always get “Only one person is allowed to calculate at an time” and no one is calculating points, you can type t-ovverideloop. This should only happen if the hypixel API goes down while someone is calculating points. If the points seem off in any way, you can do t-listbackup to list all the backup data and verify that it is not currupted. To load this data, type t-loadbackup. This should fix any problems you where having before.

It is recommended that you list the backup right after starting the tournament in the event something goes wrong.

Games and Elements:

An full list of Games and Elements can be found here: https://hypixel.net/threads/discord-bot-hypixel-tournament-bot-v1-0-1.3249510/

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