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A bot that performs the functions of any typical bot, or even something else...


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Any Bot

Sure you saw out there Bot that do different functions, but sometimes they have so many that overwhelm with the number of options to choose from, because this bot comes with the most simplified functions possible and clearly so that anyone can use it...

Among the most outstanding functions we have a Moderation system, a level system and some fun commands which will be added more little by little...
  • Moderation System
    • Kick, Ban, Temp Ban
    • Mute
    • Warns, Suggestions
  • Levels Systems
    • Levels according to how much you write on the server
    • Ranking of top write on your server
  • Fun Commands
    • Doges
    • Imgur, Giphy, Urban
  • Music (New)
    • Play, Repeat, Search, Volume
    • Lyrics, Playlist, etc.
    • Music commands are unlimited (commands in Beta)
  • More coming soon...

Add me to your server, surely you will not regret

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