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ToxiKos is an English bot (it was made by a French team) it has about twenty commands



We’re going to introduce our bot ToxiKos. The prefix of the bot is tt! . ToxiKos is a multifunctional bot:

This bot can make music, it has a better hearing quality than any other bot. this bot can also manage your server, it has administration commands. This bot has fun commands This bot has utility commands too There are administration commands:

tt!warn : to warn someone

tt!mute/unmute : to mute/unmute someone

tt!kick : to kick someone

tt!ban/unban: to ban/unban someone The fun commands are:

tt!8ball : you can ask questions to the bot tt!meme : the bot will send some meme

tt!userinfo : the bot will show information of someone

tt!serverinfo : the bot will show the informations about the server where you do this command

in order to obtain the rest of the commands I invite you to do: tt!help and a number between 1 and 4

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