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Multi purpose bot, fun , moderation and more!


b_ (Changable)
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Bot is still under development but is making a ton of progress. There are updates every day.

Important command:

b_help --lists all the commands

When doing the help command you can only see the commands available to your permission level.

Primary function are for moderation. The purge command has a few different purposes, one you can choose what you want to purge ex: b_purge all|People|Bots.

The fun commands are self explanitory and are just straightforward, some commands may be offensive like the roast command.

All suggestions are welcome just join the support server and suggest it!

There are updates and bug fixes on the daily, I am trying my best to improve this bot as much as possible, and you guys are helping me do it with all the support!

The permission levels are still in the working, but all the fun commands can be used by everyone and the server owner automatically gets level 4.

Any question feel free to let us know by joining the support server! -- Developer -- Owner

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