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Moderation and fun on your server. Romanian discord bot that includes economy and cool systems. Adding emoji, inbox and bank dep system.



db help - See first page with the list of commands

db 2help - See secondary page with the list of commands

db menu - there will appear an embed message that will give you a list with all help commands

Fun commands like "db kiss; db rapid hack; db fact"

Moderate your server with ban, kick, mute commands using them correctly

db ban (mention) (reason)

db kick (mention) (reason)

db mute/unmute (mention) (reason)

Staff Warns and vip status with "db check sw, db swarn; db shop, db vip status, db buyvip - 30000 Lei Danger Buster"

Economy, report and ticket system Use db shop and db menu for more details

More details in Ocean Star Discord Server

Also you can give me ideas for creating more commands

To get support, dm me, i will help you.

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