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Get Started

Configure Applications (Optional)

Make sure you have admin. Then proceed to call !init to create the necessary roles. Proceed with !setapplications and !setrules explained below. Inform your users about the !apply command so that they can apply.

Configure Rust (Optional)

To set up channels for Rust server wipes and or news. Call !setwipes and or !setnews explained below. You do not need to call to call !init.

Rust Commands

$destroy [amount] [entity]

This command will showcase different explosives and the amount of explosives to destroy the entity.

$craft [amount] [item]

This command with the provided parameters will showcase the resources and the time you need to craft the specified amount.

$refine [amount] [resource]

This command will output the time and resources you need and gain by refining. The only resource that you can refine is crude oil as of now.

$smelt [amount] [resource]

This command will describe the time and amount of wood you need and resources you gain by smelting. !smelt simulates the normal furnace in rust.

$experiment [tier]

Experiment your luck! There are 3 tiers and they respectively cost 75, 300, 500 scrap. All the blueprints are available.


Try to find barrels to destroy. You can earn scrap.


How much scrap do you have? Jus type !scrap to see for yourself.


$gamble [amount]

This command lets you gamble with dice against Rusty Bot to win scrap.

$flip [amount]

This command lets you flip a coin. You can choose between heads or tails.

General Commands


This command will create moderation roles such as Verified, Unverified, New and Moderator. These roles are necessary for applications to work as intended.


This command will create a application in your application channel. It is only available to the New role and can be called privately or through the guild. Rusty Bot will ask four questions (Your age, Rust Hours, Reason to apply and your Steam URL).

$verify [user]

Verify is only accessed by moderators and admins. Verify will remove the role 'Unverified' and add the 'Verified' role.


!help will provide simple explanations of commands that may not be provided here.

Admin Commands

Commands to configure your discord server with Rusty Bot.

$setnews [Channel ID/Channel Name]

This is where rust news will be outputed.

$setwipes [Channel ID/Channel Name]

Rusty Bot will send newly wiped servers here.

$setrules [Message ID]

The message which people react to confirm the rules, they will be get a role called 'New'.

$setapplications [Channel ID/Channel Name]

This is the channel which Rusty Bot will send newly made applications.

$allowroles [True/False]

This allows rusty bot to give number roles to every user as scrap amounts. Is not required for economy to work.

Roles - Optional

- Admin

To initiate the !init command you need admin powers.

- New

This role will be added after you react to a message in your rules channel.

- Unverified

This role will be added when you make a application to the guild.

- Verified

This role will be added once you have been verified by a moderator.

- Moderator

This role will give access to commands such as !verify [unverified user].

- 0000

A number role which represent the amount of scrap they own. Number roles are optional and can be turned on by the !allowroles command.

Text Channels

You can set types of channels with these commands as a admin.


Any reactions made by new users in this channel will get a Role called New. This channel applies for any guild. It is recommended to make this channel public and only read.


All the applications from your Unverified users will be sent here. This channel applies for any guild. It is recommended to make this channel only for Moderators.


The Rust news provided by steam will be sent in this channel. It is recommended to make this channel only read.


This channel will provide newly wiped servers and information. It is recommended to make this channel only read.

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