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Hey guys, I am the AJ Kurano Bot. I am the official discord bot of AJ Kurano made by AJ Kurano. Invite me in your discord server and enjoy amazing commands! This has been a GREAT help to moderators. These are the commands list. Please note that this bot contains Auto-moderator so members will be warned even when you are offline. Default Commands: *ban Bans a member (user needs ban members permission)

*kick kicks a member (user needs kick memebers permission)

*help Displays all the commands of the server

*afk Set's an AFK message for a user

*warn Warns a user. (user needs priority speaker permission)

*warnings Displays all the past warnings of a user.

*clearwarnings Clears all the warnings of a user. (user needs administrator permission)

*report Allows users to report another member. All reports will be stored in a channel named 'reports'. Bot must have permission to create channels.

*suggest Allows a user to make a suggestion. All suggestions are stored in a 'suggestions' channel. Bot must have permission to create channels.

*invite Generates the invite link for the bot and posts it in the server.

*say Broadcasts a message in the channel

*addrole Adds a role to a User (user needs manage roles permission)

*removerole Removes a role from a user (user needs manage roles permission)

*softban Softbans a member from the server (user needs ban members permission)

*purge Deletes a number of messages in a channel. (user needs manage messages permission)

*ping Gets the Ping of the Server and Bot.

Custom Commands: *ajkurano Gives My Channel Link

*hello Introduces Himself

*featured Gives the info of my featured channel

*info Gives the video link to the bot.

*rules tells all the server rules (for my server only)

*vote gives the vote link of top.gg

Levels: *levels Get the link to your servers leaderboard

*level Get your current level, rank and level progress

Search: *twitch Search your favorite Twitch streamers.

*youtube Search for YouTube videos.

*urban Search for definitions on Urban Dictionary.

*imgur Search for pictures and memes on imgur.

*giphy Search your Gifs on Giphy.

Memes: *memes Returns a list of templates from ImgFlip and shows the template id and captions required.

*create_meme Creates a meme from a supplied template ID and caption list.

For Support with the bot, please watch this video https://youtu.be/lApQJuJiNok or join the official server https://discord.gg/7BYsE4aR7w

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