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Minecraft 1.17

Good evening to all, Today, the version 1.17 of Minecraft is released, and as you know the bot is based on the game in order to offer various features. That's why I have to and adding all the information of the new version to the bot so that you can use and enjoy the new update also with the bot. I take advantage of this announcement to point out, as you will surely have seen that we are approaching the 1000 servers. I thank you for your trust and I really hope that you like the bot and that it will continue. Don't forget that if you have any ideas of additions you can always propose them in comments or on the bot support. You can also vote for the bot if you want, it allows it to be more visible on the site. Good evening to you, Army_.


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  • All Minecraft recipes of items and potions are referenced in a command ( crafter recipe [item] )
  • Find a recipe from an item ( crafter list [item] )
  • Gets information about an item or a block ( crafter info [item or block] )
  • Gets information about a mob ( crafter mobinfo [mob] )
  • Gets list of mobs ( crafter mobs )
  • Get the skin of a payer (crafter skin [username])
  • Get the UUID of a payer (crafter uuid [username])
  • Fond the usernames history from a payer (crafter names [username])
  • Get the list of available Optifine versions (it is possible that some versions are missing) ( crafter optifine)
  • More content and improvements are coming...


  • Global translation system of the bot. Fully customizable by the community, they can be proposed on the bot support. For the moment two languages are available (English and French). See crafter lang
  • Search for items / blocks / mobs / enchantment also translated by several other languages. Currently 16 languages are available. See crafter translate
  • It is possible to propose a language on the Discord server of the bot support (


Observer recipe
Glass recipe
Netherite Pickaxe recipe
Gold Ingot search
Chest Item Info
Enderman Mob Info

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