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SailBOT has multiple features such as Music, Moderation, Logging, an Economy, and extra commands!






The economy features of SailBOT include many functionalities such as robbing, gambling, donating, purchasable items/roles, leaderboards and more! SailBOT's Moderation features include kicking, banning, warnings, mutes and can clear the chat, but there's more features to come gradually. It can also play music from youtube (Spotify isn't supported), and has functionalities such as skip, stop, pause, resume, shuffle, and more! It's configuration is slightly more complicated than other bots, but it allows for finer tuning: You can add filtered words (those words will be removed from nicknames and messages unless the user has a staff role), staff channels (events in those channels will not be logged), staff roles (they're able to use staff commands and bypass filtered words), you're able to set and disable logs, and more features that would be too long to list here. (I am planning to set up a web based configuration system to make it easier) It is also worth mentioning that the configuration commands are only accessible to people with admin permissions. Finally, this bot can also do polls (only people with staff roles are able to do this) aswell as suggestions. Many more features to come!

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