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Easy to use invite logger with leaderboard, autoroles, and welcome messages. InviteMaster.






How to use InviteMaster!

 What is InviteMaster?

InviteMaster is a very easy to use invite logger, with one simple command, you can have a proffessional looking invite logger topped with a leaderboard.

Here are some of the commands:

Command Explanation
?setChannel Sets the logging channel.
?help This command displays a help embed allowing the user to gain a well understanding about the commands this bot consists of.
?invite This command displays a mini embed with the contents of an invite link where you can invite the bot to your server.
?leaderboard Sends a top 25 leaderboard.
?changePrefix Changes the servers prefix.
?prefix Shows the server's prefix.
?autoRole Sets auto roles.
?welcomeMessage Sets welcome message
(bot mention) Shows help menu.



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