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A discord bot that involves with Pokémon, moderation & leveling! Koumi is waiting to evolve soon.








Koumibot's back online :D

1. Yes Koumibot's back online and bwf#8408 will keep track on it 2. We will not update Koumibot any further... 3. The reason we won't update Koumibot is that we have stuff to do other than this

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Koumibot is based on moderation, pokemon & leveling there are over 50 commands you can use


  • How to rebirth: for your first rebirth you will require 150,000 Pcoins & 150,000 Xp, whenever you rebirth the requirements increases by adding 150,000 Pcoins & 150,000 Xp.
  • What it does: rebirthing will give you access to autohunting and it increasing your storage of how many pokemoms you will be keeping but it will make it pretty hard to use another command instead of hunting


  • How to Restart: to restart, you will require 5 rebirths which is the maximum rebirths you can reach
  • What it does: restarting will reset everything like levels, starter pokemon's, pcoins, xp, rebirths, autohunt nothing special like unlimited coins


  • How to gain levels: To gain levels you first must get xp. To get xp you must play with the bot, using its commands.

BWFG#1000 is not the primary owner

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