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Pointer, another multipurpose bot that you'll ever need.


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Meet Pointer.

Hello there! Meet Pointer! It is a small, simple, normal bot that includes moderation, fun, levelling, and more!

Pointers Discord Server

Pointer has their own support server for people who likes Pointer and would like to have you support us in our Discord server! Join Here!


We have our own commands just in case you have a hard time figuring out the commands!

---Info Commands---

./ping - The Basic Ping command. Returns the time the bot responded.
./imdb - Searches IMDB Movies and TV shows for you.
./level - Gives you the level you are in your Discord Server.
./weather - Sends the current weather in the city you pick in Celcius.
./anime - Searches The Anime TV Show or movie.
./userinfo - Shows a user's entire info!
./help - Lists all of the commands that Pointer Has.

---Moderation Commands---

./ban - Ban anyone with one shot
./kick - Kick anyone with one shot
./warn - Warn someone for not breaking the rules. LIMIT 3. THIS CAN CHANGE IN THE FUTURE.
./rwarns - Reset Someone's warnings.
./warnings - Shows the warnings a user has.
./mute - Mutes a user.
./unmute - Unmutes a user.
./setwelcome - Sets a welcome message in a message channel when someone joins.

---Fun Commands---

./joke - Sends a joke. ./meme - Sends a meme. ./advice - Gives you advice

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