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Another general multi-purpose bot that can keep your server well moderated and entertained!


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Sorry, but I cannot develop this bot anymore :( It's code is messed up, everything is messed up. I started this project a long time ago when i had no experience. And the code has become too messed up because I kept on adding new features too it. Thankyou for everything and do not worry, the server will not go anywhere! It will remain here, but revamped.



This is a bot we created for our server, but later I decided to expand it and make it a good moderation and utility bot!


The bot currently offers:

  • Warning System
  • Mute System
  • Utility
  • Economy
  • Suggestions(Module Currently Disabled)

  • And a lot more!

    It features commands like:

  • !8ball - Asks the magic 8ball 🎱
  • !roll - Generates a random number
  • !docs - Searches the discord.js docs
  • !covid - Gives stats about COVID-19
  • !remindme - Reminds you about certain things

  • This is just a glimpse of all the commands, check the help command to view all the commands!

    You may get started by doing the setchannel and setrole command and also check out the setup command.(!help setchannel , !help setrole , !help setup)

    Feel free to join the support server incase of any doubts or bugs.

    Help Command

    Last Updated: 08th December 2020: 11:53 AM

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