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What is Auxilus?

  This is a newer bot, which is currently focused on the creation of features for Eve Echoes. We have a web dashboard for users to use, and are working to provide more content every day. The features we have so far are functional, and can be very useful to some communities/users.


  There is always more in the pipeline, but one of our current main features include Display Name Moderation, which allows you to moderate the nicknames of those in your server. There are options to fight impersonation, and you can set specific roles which you want to prevent impersonation against, or select no role for everyone.

  We also have !res find. This command is made for Eve Echoes, and is extremely helpful for finding various resources at certain locations.

  You can do !jumps as well, to get helpful information on a jump path.

  You can always see a command list using !help, and we will add a command list to our website as we create more content.

Future Plans/Ideas?

  We are currently looking at creating tools that corporations and alliances will be able to use to more easily manage their communities, w/ assistance in stuff such as skill tracking.

Thank you for your time, and we would love your suggestions on what to add. Join our support server to give feedback, and feel free to ask me questions and such via DM at Pmblue#1085.

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