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Make your friends say things they'd never say! Make new members say anything you want as soon as they join! Try it out!



The ORIGINAL impersonator bot!

Make someone say something they never typed out!

Whenever someone joins your server, Impersonator will dress up as that person and say something that you wrote.

You're not limited to when somebody joins your server either. At any time you can pick anybody from your server, and pretend to say something as them. Impersonator will do it for you.

Impersonator also allows you to completely customise who you impersonate, letting you choose the name and profile picture of your liking. Use it for custom announcement messages, or just mess with your friends and pretend you're someone else.

  • You can use .implist to view all your welcome messages
  • You can use .impadd to add new ones
  • You can use .impsay to impersonate someone in your server
  • You can use .impmake to make a custom user to impersonate
  • You can use .imphelp to see all the commands available

You will need Manage Server permissions to use the bot.

Ensure the bot has the Manage Webhooks permission to function properly.

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