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A multipurpose utility bot designed for guilds that have a focus on mental health.


Methos started as a simple coding project I did in my free time to aid in managing a server with a friend. Over the last few months she's grown in scope as I've implemented things into her that I felt would be helpful. She's still evolving over time as I think of new functionality to add to her.

Basic set up

The first command you should know about is the ">help" command. When used the help command will display a range of modules (See list below). You can then do ">help [module name]" to get more information about the commands in a specific module

The help command will not show some commands if one of the following conditions are met. 1) You do not have permission to execute the command in question or 2) The command is hidden. (Typically commands are hidden if they're debug commands or meme commands). If you want to see all available commands regardless to whether you are allowed to run them or not. Run ">help all".

The default prefix is ">", but this can be changed with the ">set-prefix" command. Please note that if you manage to set the prefix to something the bot no longer recognises. Then mentioning the bot followed by "set-prefix" and then a new prefix will undo the damage.

Most of this bot's messages are sent via embeds. Please do not restrict this bot's permission to send embeds as this will likely block the bot from responding all together.

Module list


This module contains some basic commands. Such as the help command and some commands for cleaning the chat within the server. Had a troll attack this morning? Use the clean command to purge all the mean things they've said without touching the messages of your users. (This is done by seeing if the message was sent by a member of your server, since by then you've probably kicked or banned the offending trolls. Webhook messages and bot messages are ignored.)


An experimental module designed to kick inactive users after a set amount of time. Before a user is kicked, the bot will dm them a invite back to your guild. The time before a user is warned and kick can be tweaked and this module can be completely ignored if you do not wish to use it. Kick and warning messages can be customised to some degree.


This module makes hosting competitions considerable easier. In chats where it is active it will automatically add a vote button and will telly the votes for you when you're done. It can also be set to only add the vote button to messages with pictures if that is desired


This module provides commands that allows users to interact with one another, although unlike the interactive commands found in other bots. This one works on a permission system. Meaning one, that you can turn this module off server wide (if you're a guild admin) and two. A user can disallow anyone to touch them if they do not wish to be hugged, pat or what have you. The default settings for a user is to disallow everything.


This module, once it's set up, will ping one of 24 roles every hour of the day. It also contains a command to generate a role menu so your users can give themselves the required role. This can be used to set medication reminders. The bot basis it's chosen timezone on GMT time by default. But a custom role menu can be used with this module and the role's it generates can have their names customized


This allows you to add custom resource images to the bot. Use it to give your users easy access to cat pictures, grounding exercises or breathing exercises

Ticket system

An experimental and basic ticket system. A user can make a ticket, the bot will then post it to a channel in your server and then if someone wants to help that person. They can react to the ticket request


Allows users to set a timezone that others can get by reacting with a clock emote on one of their messages. This is a global setting and the timezone a user sets can transfer across servers that have Methos. The react emote also works with Pluralkit messages (Timezone based on what was specified by the host or who ever controls the main account)


A basic starboard system that allows you to customise the react emote the starboard uses along with the amount of votes needed for a message to appear in the starboard channel you've set up.

Special thanks

Special thanks to Kiba, my artist for her contributions

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