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Ai - is a multipurpose bot that has moderation functions, embed creator, clans, a reaction role and more.


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Ai bot is still developing and improving, but already at this stage it has a very large and useful functionality.

A brief overview of the functionality:

  • Convenient moderation
  • All kinds of logs
  • Clear the voice channel with a single command
  • Voice channel activity score
  • Beautiful design of Q&A channels
  • Auto-cleaning of messages in text channels
  • Embed and auto-embed
  • Convenient clan module
  • Setting up channel counters (how many people are online, in voice channels, etc.)
  • Automatic role assignment when entering a specific channel
  • Role-playing teams
  • Saving user roles when returning to the server (in the case of a kick/liv/ban)

As well as many other things. Detailed functions and features can be found on the website.

In the development list at the moment is:

  • Adding Economy
  • Configuring the bot via the website
  • Improving the level system
  • Automatic creation of rooms/private rooms
  • Additional games via the bot
  • Adding a "family" profile

We are waiting for your questions and suggestions on our discord support server

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