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An idle game in which you mine crypto and can use the profits in upgrading your setup for better production






What is CryptoBot?

CryptoBot is a game in which simulates mining for crypto currency. You start in Moms Basement, with very basic mining hardware which you must improve upon by selling the "coins" that you have mined. Improving the hardware will increase your hash rate, increasing the money you make.

Once you have upgraded your GPU, Power and Cooling to level 200 you can then -relocate, which will take you out of Moms Basement and into the real world. New locations bring random new benefits, but the more you relocate, the better the bonuses become.

You can compete for positions in the leaderboards with all of the other players or invite the bot to your own server and play with your friends!

How to play?

Create a profile with the bot using the ```-start``` command - this will enable you to start mining.

After waiting some time your virtual rig would have produced some coins, which you can sell using -sell. Money will then be added to your balance, visible on -profile.

To receive an additional 2.5% every time you sell, join the community server!

Using this money, you can upgrade your GPU, Power or Cooling units with the -upgrade command.. eg: -upgrade gpu all, which will upgrade by as many levels as you can afford or -upgrade gpu 5 which will attempt to buy 5 levels if you can afford it.


What do GPU upgrades do?

Your GPU levels directly increase your hash rate. The higher your GPU level, the more it will increase.

What do Power upgrades do?

Higher power levels will improve the bonus that you receive from the ```-overclock``` ability. The percentage bonus that you receive to your hash rate is 10 + your power level This is currently disabled

What do Cooling upgrades do?

These improve your hash rate efficiency, which can be seen on your ```-profile``` page. If this value is above 100%, you will receive an increase in your hash rate. If this value is below 100%, you will receive penalties to your hash rate.

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