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Hey you! Wdf is you doing having fun with these other garbage Economy bots. Like Dank Boss has the most unique commands you have ever seen when it comes to economy. Oh, and the best part, that's not all the bot does! Dank Boss has plenty of fun Commands, and a few moderation commands too! If you want more info just look below. We are indeed a new born bot, which is why we want your support to help us make us better!

Bot Name: Dank Boss Prefix:! Mostly for: Economy/Fun


Information ⚠ Moderation 🚓 Fun 😂 Economy 💸 Live and Constant Updates 🛅 Interacting Commands 👎👍

Support Features

Support Server

  • Currently in 7 severs since the bot came out
  • Actively Online Owner
  • Bug Reporting System that does not require to join the support server.

No waiting, no BS. Come on down and join!

Server: https://discord.gg/nHM8SmzYzr

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