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Calculates bombs needed for bases and airfield in War Thunder.



This bot is only for the WWII game War Thunder

  • Bombs Feature - Calculates bombs needed for each base and airfield based on inputs.
    • Type $bombs to begin.
    • You'll be prompted with a list of countries. Enter a number that corresponds with the country you are using.
    • Then, enter the number that corresponds with the bomb you are using.
    • Next, enter the battle rating.
    • Finally, answer 'YES' or 'NO' on whether or not the match you are in has 4 bases.

This will give you the required number of bombs to destroy a base and the airfield.

User Reviews


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Fenu 6 days ago

Pretty good, fairly accurate. Not quite perfect, and it doesn't seem to calculate 4 base maps yet, but its a cool idea.


avatar of Finger_Mouse
Finger_Mouse 6 days ago

Meh , this bot gives you incorrect results as it calculates the number of bombs to drop based solely on TNT tonnage , which is incorrect as it does not factor in splash damage. For example , on non-regenerating bases , using a Ju188 at BR 5.3 a single SC1000 can destroy a base and 10 SC50 Bombs also destroy a base. Nice idea but ... Keep trying !