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This Bot is a professional Bot made by RainbowAlpaka3#1797 - Moderation - Fun - Music -General




The Alpaka-Bot is a German Bot that is coded by >>RainbowAlpaka3#1797<< The Bot can replace mostly every famous bot, for example Giveaway bot partially the MEE6 bot, Rythm / Groovy and a lot of more bots too!

On what topics is the bot based on?

  1. Moderation
  2. Music
  3. Utility
  4. Fun
  5. Meme
  6. General

What commands does it have?

It has...

  1. A lot of moderation commands, like slowmode, ban, kick, mute, warn, clear ...
  2. A big amount of meme and fun command, for example meme, trash, spank kill 8ball ...
  3. More than countable music commands, using youtube_dl! play, queue, skip, volume, shuffle ...
  4. General commands are also included!

General information about me and the bot

I am a 14 year old boy living in Germany. I spend more than 165+ hours to code this bot, alone, with no help. I mastered python and for the bot. The bot has more than 30+ commands

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