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Image guessing game (guess what the images describe)






This is a game bot where the bot shows images and you guess what the image means/describes. The faster you guess more points you get. The first to guess it right gets all the points.


  • .play - Starts the game.
  • .stats - Shows your stats.
  • .top - Shows top players.
  • .top global - Shows top global players.
  • .set game channel - Set the game channel.
  • .remove game channel - Set the game channel.
  • .stop - Only for admins. Note that you'll have to wait 5 minutes after stopping the game.

You don't need to set the game channel but you can if you want to restrict where the game can be played.

Invite it to your server today for fun!

How to play:

To play simply type .play in the in any text channel or in specified channel if that was set. The bot will start showing images like this:


You guess by typing the word in chat. When you guess correctly you'll get a message where it tells you how much points you got. The game doesn't stop until no one is guessing for at least 20 seconds in that channel (it will stop on it's own).

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