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Aorun Giveaways

A new, super cool Giveaway Bot! Start or schedule giveaways with requirements (role, guild, messages, invites, voice-time)


' (or custom)
Server Count

A new, super cool Giveaway Bot with invite counter and more!


  • 'gdrop <time> <winners> <prize> | Start a simple giveaway in the current channel
  • 'gcreate | A interactive walk to setup a giveaway with reqirements etc
  • 'gend <message-id> | Force a giveaway to end
  • 'greroll <message-id> | Find a new winner


  • 'profile <member> | Shows your, or a users messages, voice time and invites
  • 'configs | Shows the current server configs

Guild Settings:

  • 'prefix set <new prefix> | Shows the current prefix or changes it
  • 'bypassrole <add/remove/clear> <role> | Set a role that bypasses all requirements
  • 'managerrole <add/remove/clear> <role> | User with that role can manage giveaways
  • 'botadminrole <add/remove/clear> <role> | Bot admin roles can user every commands

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