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Mars Bot allows you to get information and images from all the missions to Mars, and even some other missions.


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Mars Bot is an open-source discord bot developed by Mebrooks01#3354
You can add it to your server with this link. If you have any questions you can join our discord server.

Mars Bot uses NASA's API and other sources to give you plenty of cool information about missions and even look at the weather on Mars (when NASA/JPL-Caltech decides to give the data to the API).


Malachi Brooks

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Command Info

There are currently 35 commands for the bot they are split into 5 sections Mission Info, Rover Info, Commands and Utility.
I have information on all NASA missions that have been launched as of January 2021.

Mission Info

climate-orbiter Find information on the Mars Climate Orbiter mission.
exomars Find information on the ExoMars 2016 Mission.
global-surveyor Find information on the Mars Global Surveyor mission.
mariner Find information on the Mariner 3-9 missions.
mars-express Find information on the Mars Express mission.
maven Find information on the Mars Atmospheric & Volatile EvolutioN (MAVEN) mission.
mro Find information on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) mission.
observer Find information on the Mars Observer mission.
odyssey Find information on the Mars Odyssey mission.
pathfinder Find information on the Mars Pathfinder mission.
phoenix Find information on the Mars Phoenix mission.
polar-lander Find information on the Mars Polar Lander/Deep Space 2 missions.
viking Find information on the Viking 1 & Viking 2 missions.
mars Information about Mars.(In here because its best fit)

Rover Info

curiosity Get information about the Curiosity rover and look up the images it has taken.
opportunity Get information about the Opportunity rover and look up the images it has taken.
perseverance Get information about the Perseverance rover and look up the images it has taken.
spirit Get information about the Spirit rover and look up the images it has taken.

Image Search

apod Every day NASA publishes an "Astronomy Picture of the Day." Use this command to see today's picture.
image Search for images from rovers with more freedom and look per camera.
insight Get information about Insight and find weather data.
manifest Get detailed Info on rovers and there stats
search Look for an image in the NASA image library.


group Lists all command groups.
enable Enables a command or command group.
disable Disables a command or command group.


prefix Shows or sets the command prefix.
ping Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.
bug Report a bug.
help Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
explore Look at where all the Mars missions are.
invite Add the bot to your server.
mars Information about Mars.
suggest Suggest a new feature or change to be added to the bot.
support Get support for the bot.

For more information on a command use help <command>


Code Written By: Mebrooks01#3354. lol
Anti shitty-ass code: MrSmarty#1732, cAtte_#4289, XboxBedrock#6958 and Rude Yeti, Incorporated#8600

API calls use NASA's API to pull data. The part of the API I use is maintained by Chris Cerami.

All photos are used via JPL's Image Use Policy and are provided Courtesy of NASA/JPL-Caltech.

I do not own any of the photos, videos, and/or sensor data "Mars Bot" uses.

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